Blue Granite Wash Board – Soap Savor

Product #W671C

Antique “Cobalt Blue” Porcelain Enamel SOAP SAVER Wooden Washboard. The black writing on the back center wood panel is in excellent conditions which is unusual to find — crisp and clear reading “PORCELAIN ENAMEL WASHBOARD – THE WASHING SURFACE IS MADE FROM A SHEET OF STEEL INTO WHICH HAS BEEN FUSED A COATING OF PORCELAIN ENAMEL (A COMPOSITION OF FINE GLASS). IT IS DURABLE, SANITARY AND FLEXIBLE AND WILL NOT RUST OR CORRODE. IT IS NOT AFFECTED BY ALKALI OR STRONG WASHING COMPOUND”. The washboard measures 24-1/4″ high x 12-1/2″ wide x 2-1/4″ deep at the top

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