Country Store Display Dr. Lesure Veterinary Medicine Advertising Cabinet

Product #W840C

Remarkable all original country store display cabinet that held Dr Lesure’s Veterinary medicines and what a remarkable original advertising tin is featured on this cabinet. It depicts a detailed horse’s head, and it was the tin front that was used on these cabinets. Another amazing find on this display cabinet is on the interior of this cabinet there is the original paper advertising for the remedies that one would sell of Dr Lesure’s. The paper is dated 1906! What a great find to have this original paper and to still be in the condition that it is. This cabinet measures 27″ high is 21″ wide and 7″ deep. We are thrilled to be able to find a cabinet with this exceptional of an original tin and then the pristine condition throughout on this cabinet. We have included some history that goes with Dr Lesure and his line of veterinary remedies. If you are a horse lover, country store advertising collector, or just one that enjoys finding unique and pristine antique items then you will not want to miss adding this fine piece to your own personal antique collection!



The inside of the backside of the door.

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