Antique Country Store Advertising Dye Cabinet – Dy-O-La Dyes – Plus Dye Packets & Pamplet

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Product #W266E

This is an all original and complete country store display dye cabinet that advertises Dy-O-La Dyes and still comes with some of the old packets of Dy-O-La dyes. This cabinet is double sided with advertising on either side of the cabinet and note that you can access the dye packets from both doors. Note the original paper instruction labels that are still in great original condition on the interior of the doors of this cabinet. The instructions give special information for making odd colors with Dy-O-La dyes. There is a name that reads that this dye was made by the Johnson-Richardson Company, Limited, out of Burlington, Vermont’. Inside the cabinet there is also a pamphlet from Dy-O-La Dyes that gives Directions for Home Dyeing and Tinting’. The cabinet measures 17″ high is 13 1/2′ wide and 8 1/4″ deep. Don’t miss adding this dye cabinet to your own personal country store advertising collection.

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