Extra Large Antique Victorian Woman Portrait and Frame

Product #P072A

Outstanding Size! This portrait and Frame date to the turn of the the Century. I assume this was photography touched up with painting to add the detail. The appearance of this work reminds one of a charcoal artwork. The frame measures on the outside 37″ x 43″, for the large size. This frame is beautiful with the gold and brown combinations of colors for a rich look. Notice the gold trim work is done with a diamond design and the brown curved section is textured for a rich appearance with engraved scrolling floral designs in the four corners of the frame. The portrait is highlighted with an oval matting.
Notice on the backside of this frame there is still an original sticker showing that this frame was originally sold by the Robert Keith Furniture and Carpet Co., out of Kansas City, Missouri. This furniture store was well known in it’s day for selling quality items.  –

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