Antique Flip Top Swivel Open Game Table Duncan Phyfe Style Mahogany

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Product #F083F

Designed in the classic style this table has beautiful Duncan Phyfe style base with 4 sweeping outward legs that end in brass capped feet. 

This is a unique and functional Mahogany flip top table that serves as a hall table or entry way table. That functions as an unusual game table can open and provide a wonderful table surface and storage compartment for playing your favorite games. Note that you rotate the table surface to then flip the top and double the surface area when you want to play your game. One can rest the table half against the wall or completely flip the table over onto the top of the table half when you want to reduce the size of this game table. This table measures when opened to the widest 36″ by 36″ and when flipped to the smallest is 18″ by 36″. The height of the table varies from being 29″ high when in the widest position to being 30″ high when the top is flipped over. Circa 1920’s.

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