Glascock’s Baby Jumper with Paper Advertisement

Product #W628C

This is an early antique baby’s combination of a jumper, bed and chair all combined in one piece. A unique and additional feature is that this comes with the original pamphlet that was given to store owners to help them promote selling these baby accessory pieces in their own stores. The flyer reads; ‘Glascock’s Baby Jumper’  A jumper, bed and chair combined. If the busy mother could buy a machine that would relieve her of half or more than half of her work and worry in caring for her baby; if this same device would automatically help her to keep her baby clean, happy and healthy; And if, furthermore, she could buy this machine at a very reasonable price; Wouldn’t she buy it? She certainly would and you can make the sale to her if you have the Glascock Baby Jumpers in your stock. – In the Glascock Baby Jumper the baby is safe, off the floor, happy and contented. The chair can instantly be adjusted to any position from full reclining to upright. The baby is not wearied and its muscles are not stiffened by being kept in one monotonous position. The Jumper is a boon to the mother. There is a market for the Jumper wherever there is a baby. One could order this in Light oak finish, oak finish, or dark oak. This piece measures 58 1/2″ high by 30″ wide and is 28″ deep. Notice that we also have the envelope with this brochure that shows that this flyer went to Aid Hardware Company of West Plains, Missouri. What an early child’s piece of furniture and to have the original pamphlet with this item is an amazing find!

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