Kiddy Cyclist Tin Wind Up Toy with Partial Storage Box

Product #T346C

Wonderful detailed graphics of cartoon type characters are featured all around this all original and working tin wind up toy by Unique Art Manufacturing Company Inc. which is called Kiddy Cyclist. As the kid cycles there is also a bell which dings and notice that there is even a start stop switch. This toy measures 8 1/2″ high is 4 1/2″ wide by 7 1/2″ deep. Also we are thrilled to be able to offer an original storage box with this toy. The box is not mint, but you can still see the detailed graphics and all the information that lets you know that Unique Art Manufacturing Company was located at 200 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y. and 200 Waverly Avenue Newark, New Jersey. The box tells you, ‘To start and stop the toy, use the ‘brake’ near the winding key’. He Pedals by himself, He Rings the bell and Weaves in and out of traffic! This box measures approximately 9″ x 7 1/2″ x 5″ high. Look at the detailed facial features on this toy, you can even see each individual tooth, what a great toy with partial box. Don’t miss adding this fine toy to your own collection.

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