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Mettlach Beer Stein – Homecoming from the Tavern

Product #GJ066

Mettlach Pottery Stein with the scene named Homecoming from the Tavern  Etched Stein: e tched with a gnome, the keeper of the clock tower, on a ladder setting a clock; has a verse on it that reads;

“Rechter Hand, linker Hand, beides vertauscht;
Strasse, ich merk es wohl, du bist berauscht.”

(To the right, to the left, both are mixed up;
street, I am well aware of it, you are drunk.)

illustrationand signed by Heinrich Schlitt (1849-1923);  has an inlaid lid. measures: 7 3/4″ height 3 1/2″ top diameter x 4″ bottom diameter.  Marked Mettlach #2092,  1/2 Liter . Stein is in very good condition.

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