Petite Sally Antique Composition Doll with History

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American Character Doll Co., also known as The American Doll and Toy Corporation, Aceedeecee, ACDC, (1919-1968) made composition dolls and later hard plastic and vinyl. Best known for the 1928 composition dolls; Campbell kids, Puggy and Sally dolls. American Character made this line of dolls called the Petite series. This one is a beautiful blonde. She is 14″ tall and is primarily composition with a cloth center that holds her working squeaker. The composition is in exceptional all original condition. Notice the exceptional facial features with the bright rosy checks. Open and close Blue eyes, with both painted eye lashes and mohair top lashes. She has on a nice early one piece under all. Her mohair wig is soft and clean but is matted in the back. She is marked on the back of her head, ‘Sally – Petite’ doll. Fingers and toes have small dings with the ring finger on the left hand being nicked the worst.
This particular doll was acquired from a local family here in Lexington, Nebraska. Please note that we have the following information on a letter signed by this dolly’s original owner.
‘I came to Lexington in Oct. of 1926 as an infant 6 months old. I was dressed in a white dress and pink sweater and cap. Several years later when I was 3 or 4 years old, I received this doll for Christmas. She was dressed in a white dress and pink sweater and cap knitted by ‘Aunt Margaret’ who was a sister to Aunt Esther’ who had brought me to my adoptive parent Gerald and Emily Stuart. My real mother had died and given me to Aunt Esther who had been her special duty nurse. Aunt Esther was a single lady, working full time at her profession and did not have the time to care for me. I had weighted 7 1/2 pounds at birth and weighted 6 pounds when I arrived in Lexington. With my adoptive mother’s tender loving care I grew into a healthy child and woman. As a child, my doll ‘Margaret’ and I spent many happy hours have tea parties! Signed, Liz Richardson.
‘Margaret’ still has the pink sweater and cap with her. This doll is such a rare find to have the history along with being in excellent original condition. –

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