Antique Kellogg Desk Style Candlestick Phone with Oak Wall Mount Ringer Box

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Antique candlestick Kellogg company phone that is marked with the Kellogg signature on the front of the phone and on the backside there is several patent dates. ‘Pat’d Nov 26, 1901 – March 19, 1907, and April 14, 1908’. The receiver that goes to your ear is identified as being a ‘Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Co.’ receiver out of Rochester New York. The candlestick phone stands 11″ high and has a 5 1/8″ diameter base. The oak box has the insides still there and the box measures 8″ wide by 10 1/4″ long and 6″ high to the front of the bells. Note that on the inside there is a paper with instructions that reads, ‘Wiring of Bridging Desk Set’. What a fun piece of American history and communication!

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