Antique Mt Washington Verona Marked Art Glass Tall Vase- 16 3/4 inches height

Product #G795

This is an exceptional all original piece of Mt. Washington ‘Verona – 922’ signed art glass. This vase is made with the Verona style of being a clear single layered glass with decorating on the exterior surface in contrast to Napoli art glass which has decorating on the inside. The shapes made of Verona were along Pseudo-classical lines and were primarily vases. The designs used by the artists consisted mainly of figural images, floral patterns, coats of arms, and mythological creatures.
The decorating method was wax applied to the surface of the glass to form the desired design. Then, a spray of translucent enamel of the preferred color was applied to the surface area that had no wax. The wax was then melted away with the first firing, which se the translucent enamel. The design then appeared in the clear area. Gold was used to outline the clear pattern for the second firing, thus enhancing and embellishing the artistic qualities.
This vase is featured on page 200 in the reference book, Mt. Washington Art Glass by Betty B. Sisk.
The Verona vase swirled and slightly ribbed upper portion with a fluted top and floral design throughout. The vase measures 16 3/4″ high and diameter is 4 3/8″ diameter.

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