Antique Appliquéd Rose of Sharon Quilt

Product #Q419

This is an exceptionally early quilt that would date to the 1880 and 1890 time period. This appliquéd Rose Of Sharon quilt is FULL OF COTTON SEEDS. Another exceptional feature of this quilt is the outstanding quilting. The stitches on this quilt are done with twelve stitches per one inch. If you appreciate fine quilting then you won’t want to miss out on the fine details that were put into this quilt. The quilt is large and it measures 95″ x 93″. I have displayed this quilt on an outstanding antique walnut bed and the combination of the dark wood with the quality of this quilt made for an outstanding combination. The colors of the fabrics in this quilt have faded over the years and there is very tiny places where the fabric has worn through but the places are only one layer through and the places are very, very small. Notice the close-ups that we have taken to show you these areas. There is no places where the holes go through the entire quilt. This quilt is truly the caliber of a quilt for a serious antique quilt collector. What an outstanding addition to any fine antique quilt collection this quilt would make.

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