Antique Cast Iron Figural Life Size Buck Deer – Lawn & Garden Decor

Product #M668C

All original cast-iron life size figural male deer on a rectangular hollow iron base. Old paint with appropriate patina for this American made figural lawn statute which dates to the 1860-1880 time period. Measures 62″ high to the top of the antler, and the base is 48″ long and is 18″ wide. This self-standing cast-iron deer form was a favorite garden figure in the mid-to-late-nineteenth century in America, due to its association with the romantic, pastoral gardens popularized after the 1840s by Andrew Jackson Downing. The antlered version shown here, although unmarked, often is referred to as a “Fiske” deer because of an assumed association with J. W. Fiske Iron Works of New York, who did make this deer. The popular stag figure was, in fact, cast by a variety of makers, including Robert Wood & Co. of Philadelphia and J. L. Mott Iron Works of New York.

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