Antique Fire Horn Siren and Alarm Siebe Gorman & Company

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This old antique fire horn siren is original and has a metal plaque on the top which reads: SIEBE GORMNA & CO, LTD. – Neptune Works Chessington, Surrey – Manufacturers of Fire and Industrial Appliances “Everything for Safety Everywhere”. There is also a red metal plaque on top that reads;
CODE OF SIGNALLING BY MEANS OF LifeLINE – From Wearer of Smoke Helmet.
 1 Pull – More air required 
 2 Pulls – Slack off Lifeline 
 3 Pulls – Help me out immediately 
To Wearer of Smoke Helmet –
 3 pulls Come Out Immediately 
This item is a rare and non refurbished fire horn or siren manufactured in England around the early to mid 1900’s by Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd.. 
History of item: 
Before the Siebe Gorman Company invented their world famous deep sea diving equipment, they manufactured fire safety equipment. These were used to pump fresh air into firefighters helmets using the double bellow operation. The heavy cast iron foot pedal was pressed down and using the tension of the large spring, air was sent to the firefighters helmet. Coming out of the bellow system where the horn attaches was the hose that went to the rescuer. Using a system of tugs and pulls as described above on the plaque they would communicate how much air to pump to them. As firefighting became more efficient and portable oxygen tanks were used, these pieces were updated and they attached brass horns to the bellow pump and then used them as fire sirens. The noise they make carries quite a distance. This makes a great conversation piece as well as a life saving piece of history! What a great gift for the firefighter in the family!
The base measures 20 1/2″ x 12″ and is approximately 25 1/2″ high. The horn has a diameter of 10 1/4″.
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