Antique Gilchrist’s Ice Cream Scoop in the Original Box

Product #M174A

This is a great find! An all original Gilchrist Automatic Ice Cream Disher, No. 31, complete and still with it’s original storage box. This spoon was last patented in Canada on Dec. 28, 1920 and in the USA on March 23, 1915. On the scoop it’s self it is also impressed, with the Gilchrist signature and the number 31 along with the size of ’24’. The box measures 11 1/2″ x 3″ and stands 2″ high. The Gilchrist Company was located in Newark, New Jersey. This is a great find and what an excellent addition to any ice cream scoop collection this piece would make. The scooper does seem to be a little tight as it rubs in the scoop, it still works however. –

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