Antique Richard French Cameo Art Glass Vase

Product #G525C

A bold and eye catching orange color radiates forth from this highly detailed piece of French cameo art glass done and signed by ‘Richard’. This vase depicts mountains and nature at a rivers edge and one of the main features is a castle nestled in this setting. This vase measures 11″ high and has a wider top opening of 5 1/4″ along with the base being 5 3/4″ high. Can you imagine how beautiful flowers would be in this vase! What a strong and sturdy base this vase would provide. When you place light on this piece the contrasting colors of orange and brown are magnified and you see a whole new appreciation for this piece of art. Excellent all original condition. Don’t miss adding this piece to your own personal cameo art glass collection. This vase came from the collection of Helen Roberson who was an avid antique collector and antique dealer prior Helen Taylor.

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