Colorful Antique Print of Children and Woman Playing Games in Meadow

Product #P042B

Beautiful colors and a calm and peaceful scene this large print projects with it’s scene of a young mother or woman resting in a meadow and making for each of the eight children a halo made from fresh flowers. The children are playing a game of ‘Ring around the Rosie’ or a similar circular type game. Wonderful bright and spring type coloring make this print extremely eye catching and refreshing, with a calm peace as sheep and a small lamb frolic with the children in the meadow setting. In the lower left hand corner this print has been signed, I can not read the entire signature clearly, the ending appears to read, ‘??berg’. Just the print it’s self measures 20″ x 46″ and the frame is 24 1/2″ x 51″. On the backside of print there is a paper label and it is a little dirty to read, ‘7025 Kinderreigen’ is possibly what it reads. The gentleman that we purchased this large print from mentioned that he has had other similar large prints like this before and usually these large colorful prints were from France. I can not prove that this is true with this particular print, but perhaps it could be true. This is a lovely and bright print that depicts such a sweet and peaceful scene to life and what an exceptional addition to any fine antique collection or a finishing touch in any home or nursery this print would make. Don’t miss adding it to your own home.

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