Pair Fancy Antique Stain Glass Windows Fish and Duck Designs

Product #G555B

Outstanding pair of stain glass windows. These windows are from the Victorian period of 1870. The windows came from a prominent home in Salem, Ohio. The home on State Street was torn down to make way for a Burger King. Salem is a Quaint town in Eastern Ohio known for Salem China Hunt Valve Co. and many other well-known companies. This match pair of windows measure at the peak approximately 28″ high, the overall width is 47 1/2″ wide and the depth of the frame is 1 3/4″. The windows are done in a triangular shape with the centers featuring a garland wreath. In the center of one window there is an etched design of a fish in a pond with plants and flowers along with a butterfly, the second window has a duck above the water’s edge, with wings open along with flowers.

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