Antique Advertising Print for Willimantic Six Cord Spool Cotton Sewing Thread

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Antique all original print that depicts advertising for Willimantic six cord spool cotton sewing thread. Notice the detail in this print that depicts a tug of war game to show how strong Willimantic thread really is. Notice that in the upper right-hand corner there is an etched drawing for the Willimantic manufacturing company building. In the lower right-hand corner this print reads, ‘The Hatch Lith. Co. 32 & 34 Vesey St. New York’. The wordage on the print states that ‘Willimantic – The Best Thread for Sewing Machines – It Stands the Test’. This framed print measures 25″ x 19″. What a wealth of information is displayed in this print. Also, on the backside of this print there is an original label for the company that framed this print. It reads, ‘Lorenz A Deuther’s patent back. – Patented April 13, 1880. Patented January 9th, 1882, and Patented March 27th, 1883. Deuther Manufacturing Company Buffalo, New York’. Also taped onto the back of this print someone has placed information on the Willimantic company and it listed their history. Willimantic Linen Company started in 1854 and in 1985 The American Thread moved to North Carolina is what this paperwork states. This is a great find and a wealth of information. If you collect sewing this Willimantic advertising sign is one that you will want to add to your own personal collection.


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