Antique Cast Iron Mechanical ‘I Always Did ‘Spise a Mule’ Bank – Black Memorabilia

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J&E Stevens Company made this cast iron mechanical bank that features a mule that bucks off the rider, and the bank is titled, ‘I Always Did Spise a Mule’. To operate the bank, a coin is placed in the open mouth of the figure astride the mule. The coin is held in place by means of a clamping lug which is connected to the visor of the cap. The operating lever just in front of the rear legs of the mule is then depressed. The mule kicks upward and forward, pivoting on the stationary front legs, throwing the figure forward from the mule’s back. The visor of the cap hits the log on the base, releasing the coin from the mouth of the figure into the coin slot in the base. To replace the figure on the back of the mule, the hind legs of the mule are pressed down into place and the figure automatically returns to position astride the mule. It bears mention that the spring operated visor of the cap also serves to absorb the shock and impact when the figure falls forward from the mule and hits the log. This bank measures 10 1/4″ long by 2 1/2″ wide by 8 1/4″ high when the rider is riding the mule. The underside of the bank is dark brown, as is the perforated base plate with a conventional round Stevens trap. The date of April 22, 1879 is inscribed in the perforated base. You will not want to miss adding this mechanical bank to your antique bank collections, or if you like black memorabilia then you will also want to consider this bank. (This bank came from a collection in Des Moines, Iowa )


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