Antique Hand Sewing Machine – American Hand Sewing Company Bridgeport, Connecticut – 8 inches length

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This rare sewing machine is marked AM.H.S.M. Co. Pat Oct 21, 1884 made by the American Hand Sewing Machine Company in Bridgeport, Ct. was also known as an American Hand scissors-style sewing Antique American Hand Sewing Machine machine. Measures 8″ long and 3″ wide at the widest part.

(copied online from) A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport.

The American Hand Sewing Machine Company occupies a part of the Bridgeport Power Company’s building on South Avenue. It was organized in 1884, with the following officers, who are the same still: President, John J. Marvin, of New York; Secretary and Treasurer, E.R.Pearsall, of New York; Manager, A.M.Barber, of Bridgeport. The principal office and salesroom is in New York. The company manufactured a hand sewing machine, which was patented October 21, 1884 and it is as ingenious an invention as has been placed upon the market for many years. It has also been patented in Europe and every country having patent laws.
The machine is complete in every detail, may be turned or run by either hand in any position, so easily that a child can use it. It will make a perfect stich through half a dozen thickness of heavy woolen goods, and makes 250 stitches a minute. It is a shuttle machine, but the patent covers, also the chain and loop stitch. The skill displayed in making the complicated machinery and tools for the construction of the different parts shows but little less inventive ability than in producing the machine itself. The perfect fitting of every part is as necessary as in the construction of a watch.

This machine is from a collection of sewing machines out of Kansas.


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